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Big Bud Liquid, 250 ml

Big Bud Liquid, 250 ml
Big Bud is the premier bloom booster supplement that has the precise combination and ratio of phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates, fulvic acid, and L-Amino acids your plants need for the most rapid, and impressive bud formation. You use Big Bud when you want the acclaimed bud potentiator guaranteed to create significantly heavier harvests with more essential oils, aromas and taste factors. Unlike any other bud builder formula, Big Bud infuses bloom phase with the plant-friendly L-form of all 20 amino acids that form the foundation for your most valuable harvests ever. New and improved, tested and relied upon in tens of thousands of hydroponics gardens worldwide, Big Bud is the legendary bloom booster that successful growers have long turned to. Feed your plants Big Bud today and savor the much more favorable returns you get from your gardening.