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Dayton Hydroponics is Your Home For Indoor & Organic Gardening. Plant Lighting, Propagation Equipment, Fertilizer, Pumps, Growing Equipment.
Product Image Product Name Model Manufacturer Price  
1 Gallon Extraction Bags, 4 Bag Kit1 Gallon Extraction Bags, 4 Bag Kit2107$34.95
1 Gallon Grow Bags, 25 pak1 Gallon Grow Bags, 25 pak734HydroFarm$3.49
1 Gallon Grow Bags, case of 5001 Gallon Grow Bags, case of 500290HydroFarm$64.95
1-Component Soil, Lt.1-Component Soil, Lt.House & Garden$35.95
1/2 Gallon Grow Bags case of 10201/2 Gallon Grow Bags case of 1020289HydroFarm$69.95
1/2 Gallon Grow Bags, 30 Pak1/2 Gallon Grow Bags, 30 Pak733HydroFarm$2.95
1/2" Elbow, Bag of 101/2" Elbow, Bag of 10350Sunlight Supply$5.00
1/2" Straight, Bag of 101/2" Straight, Bag of 10349Sunlight Supply$5.00
1/2" Tee, Bag of 101/2" Tee, Bag of 10352Sunlight Supply$5.00
1/2\" ID Black Tubing, 100 Ft.1/2\" ID Black Tubing, 100 Ft.695HydroFarm$25.00
1/4" Elbows, Bag of 101/4" Elbows, Bag of 10348Sunlight Supply$4.00
1/4" Straights, Bag of 101/4" Straights, Bag of 10475Sunlight Supply$4.00
1/4" Tee, Bag of 101/4" Tee, Bag of 10351Sunlight Supply$4.00
1/4\" Tubing, 50\' Roll1/4\" Tubing, 50\' Roll470$6.95
10 Gallon Grow Bags. Pak of 1010 Gallon Grow Bags. Pak of 1010gbHydroFarm$6.95
10' Lamp Extension Cord 16 gauge10' Lamp Extension Cord 16 gauge747Sunlight Supply$12.95
1000 Watt HPS Lamp Plantmax1000 Watt HPS Lamp Plantmax254Plantmax$50.00
1000 Watt Metal Halide, BT-37, Plantmax1000 Watt Metal Halide, BT-37, Plantmax64Plantmax$65.00
12" Air Stone12" Air Stone812SunLeaves$2.95
12" Square Black Pot12" Square Black Pot1455SunLeaves$3.75
125 Watt CFL, VitaLUME CFL, Daylight 125W125 Watt CFL, VitaLUME CFL, Daylight 125W2080SunLeaves$29.95
125 Watt Compact Fluoresent, Warm125 Watt Compact Fluoresent, Warm1053$29.95
15 Gal. Nursery Pot15 Gal. Nursery Pot1520$8.50
Showroom Only
150 Watt HPS Grow Light, SS 150 HPS150 Watt HPS Grow Light, SS 150 HPS10Sunlight Supply$89.95
150 Watt HPS Lamp, Mogul Base, UltraSun150 Watt HPS Lamp, Mogul Base, UltraSun78$25.00
18" Dry Net, linkable18" Dry Net, linkable1546Secret Jardin$7.95
2 Gallon Grow Bags, Case of 5002 Gallon Grow Bags, Case of 500291HydroFarm$69.95
2 Gallon Grow Bags, Pak of 252 Gallon Grow Bags, Pak of 25735HydroFarm$3.95
2" Blue Neoprene, 10 Pak2" Blue Neoprene, 10 Pak$5.00
2" Green Neoprene, 10 Pak2" Green Neoprene, 10 Pak$5.00
2" Net Pots, stack of 202" Net Pots, stack of 20554Sunlight Supply$5.00
2" Orange Neoprene, 10 Pak2" Orange Neoprene, 10 PakSunlight Supply$5.00
2" Purple Neoprene, 10 Pak2" Purple Neoprene, 10 Pak$5.00
2" Red Neoprene, 10 Pak2" Red Neoprene, 10 Pak$5.00
2"Yellow Neoprene, 10 pak2"Yellow Neoprene, 10 pak$5.00
20 Gal. Nursery Pot20 Gal. Nursery Pot1514$11.50
Showroom Only
200 Watt Titanium Reservoir Heater w/ Digital Thermostat200 Watt Titanium Reservoir Heater w/ Digital Thermostat1446SunLeaves$36.95
240 Volt 20' Power Cord240 Volt 20' Power Cord14Sunlight Supply$14.95
240 Volt Power Cord, 6ft240 Volt Power Cord, 6ftSunlight Supply$9.95
250 Watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp, UltraSun250 Watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp, UltraSun312$25.00
250 Watt Metal Halide Lamp, Standard250 Watt Metal Halide Lamp, Standard68$25.00
3 Gallon Black Bucket3 Gallon Black Bucket3bb$7.95
3 Gallon Grow Bags, Case of 5003 Gallon Grow Bags, Case of 500292HydroFarm$89.95
3 Gallon Grow Bags, Pak of 253 Gallon Grow Bags, Pak of 25736HydroFarm$4.95
3" Neoprene Insert, Pack of 103" Neoprene Insert, Pack of 10190Botanicare$10.00
3" Net Pots, Stack of 203" Net Pots, Stack of 20Sunlight Supply$7.00
3.75" (4") Net Pot Lids, 10 pak3.75" (4") Net Pot Lids, 10 pak1347Sunlight Supply$7.95
3.75" Net Pots, Stack of 203.75" Net Pots, Stack of 20Sunlight Supply$12.00
300 Watt Reservoir Heater300 Watt Reservoir HeaterSunLeaves$39.95
30X Magnifier Loupe30X Magnifier Loupe$12.95
4" Propagation Dome4" Propagation Dome4 domeSunlight Supply$3.95
4' Flexible Air Stone4' Flexible Air Stone1094HydroFarm$6.95
4' Parabolic Reflector4' Parabolic Reflector4paraSunlight Supply$64.95
400 Watt High Pressure Sodium, PlantMax400 Watt High Pressure Sodium, PlantMax499Plantmax$25.00
400 Watt Metal Halide Lamp, Plantmax400 Watt Metal Halide Lamp, Plantmax67Plantmax$25.00
400 Watt MH 7200K PlantMax Bulb400 Watt MH 7200K PlantMax Bulb1210Plantmax$40.00
5 Gallon Grow Bags, Case of 4005 Gallon Grow Bags, Case of 400293HydroFarm$109.95
5 Gallon Grow Bags, Pak of 255 Gallon Grow Bags, Pak of 25737HydroFarm$7.95
5" Net Pots, Stack of 105" Net Pots, Stack of 10Sunlight Supply$11.00
5"x5" White Square Containers, Pak of 105"x5" White Square Containers, Pak of 101091 x 10HydroFarm$12.50
6" Clip on Fan6" Clip on Fan1565$19.95
6" Net Pots, Stack of 106" Net Pots, Stack of 10431Sunlight Supply$12.50
7" Square Pot  7x7x77" Square Pot 7x7x7SunLeaves$1.50
72 Cell Insert72 Cell Insert$1.50
9" Square Basket9" Square BasketHydroFarm$1.49
9" Square Pot9" Square PotSunLeaves$2.50
Active Aqua 10" De-Chlorination SystemActive Aqua 10" De-Chlorination System891
Active Aqua 100 GPD Reverse Osmosis SystemActive Aqua 100 GPD Reverse Osmosis System538HydroFarm$179.95
Active Aqua 200 GPD Reverse OsmosisActive Aqua 200 GPD Reverse Osmosis1253SpectraPure$229.95
Active Eye Head LampActive Eye Head Lamp1820$14.95
Age Old CalMag QuartAge Old CalMag QuartAge Old Organics$15.95
Age Old Fish and Seaweed, QtAge Old Fish and Seaweed, Qt1616$15.95
Age Old Kelp, Qt.Age Old Kelp, Qt.104Age Old Organics$14.95
Age Old Microsynergy QtAge Old Microsynergy Qt2703$15.95
Age Old Nutrients Grow, Qt.Age Old Nutrients Grow, Qt.693Age Old Organics$14.95
Age Old Organics Bloom, GalAge Old Organics Bloom, Gal692Age Old Organics$39.95
Age Old Organics Bloom, Qt.Age Old Organics Bloom, Qt.691Age Old Organics$14.95
Age Old Organics Grow, Gal.Age Old Organics Grow, Gal.119Age Old Organics$39.95
Age Old Organics Humic, Qt.Age Old Organics Humic, Qt.Age Old Organics$14.95
Agrosun Fluorescent Tube 40w, 24” or 48"Agrosun Fluorescent Tube 40w, 24” or 48"ATHydroFarm$16.95
Air Pump, Dual valveAir Pump, Dual valve716HydroFarm$13.95
Air Pump, Single ValveAir Pump, Single Valve367Sunlight Supply$9.95
Alaska Fish Fertilizer, GalAlaska Fish Fertilizer, Gal1133$19.95
Alaska Fish Fertilizer, qtAlaska Fish Fertilizer, qt1224$6.95
Alaska MorBloom, GalAlaska MorBloom, Gal1119$21.95
Alaska MorBloom, qtAlaska MorBloom, qt1223$5.95
Algen Extract, 250 MLAlgen Extract, 250 MLHouse & Garden$35.95
American Hydroponics Dark Energy, ptAmerican Hydroponics Dark Energy, pt1103American Hydroponics$24.95
American Hydroponics, Dark Energy Qt.American Hydroponics, Dark Energy Qt.1256American Hydroponics$39.95
Amino Treatment, 100 MLAmino Treatment, 100 MLHouse & Garden$34.95
Amino Treatment, LtAmino Treatment, Lt2457House & Garden$189.95
Ancient Earth, 4 LtAncient Earth, 4 Lt2449Advanced Nutrients$99.95
Ancient Earth, Lt.Ancient Earth, Lt.904Advanced Nutrients$29.95
Aqua Flakes A, 5 LtAqua Flakes A, 5 LtHouse & Garden$43.95
Aqua Flakes A, LtAqua Flakes A, LtHouse & Garden$17.95
Aqua Flakes B, 5 LtAqua Flakes B, 5 LtHouse & Garden$43.95
Aqua Flakes B, LtAqua Flakes B, LtHouse & Garden$17.95
Armor Si 1 qtArmor Si 1 qt888General Hydroponics$15.95
Armor Si, 2.5 galArmor Si, 2.5 gal2033General Hydroponics$93.95
Armor Si, galArmor Si, gal2032General Hydroponics$39.95
Atami Bloombastic, 80 MLAtami Bloombastic, 80 ML395$24.95
Atami Rootbastic, 250 mlAtami Rootbastic, 250 ml2035Atami$69.95
Atami Rootbastic, 80 mlAtami Rootbastic, 80 ml1584Atami$39.95
Aurora Innovations Master PackAurora Innovations Master Pack1380$49.95
AzaMax, 16 ozAzaMax, 16 ozazaGeneral Hydroponics$69.95
AzaMax, 4 ozAzaMax, 4 ozGeneral Hydroponics$24.95
B-52, 250 MLB-52, 250 ML1184Advanced Nutrients$15.95
B-52, 4 LtB-52, 4 Lt639Advanced Nutrients$137.95
B-52, LtB-52, Lt638Advanced Nutrients$44.95
Back Draft Damper, 4"Back Draft Damper, 4"1007HydroFarm$17.95
Back Draft Damper, 6"Back Draft Damper, 6"1008HydroFarm$19.95
Bamboo Stakes 2' pak of 25Bamboo Stakes 2' pak of 25$2.95
Bamboo Stakes 3' Pak of 25Bamboo Stakes 3' Pak of 25$3.95
Bamboo Stakes 4' . pak of 25Bamboo Stakes 4' . pak of 25$4.95
Beastie Bloomz, 1 LbBeastie Bloomz, 1 Lb618Fox Farm$32.95
Beastie Bloomz, 2 LbsBeastie Bloomz, 2 Lbs1068Fox Farm$52.95
Beastie Bloomz, 6 ozBeastie Bloomz, 6 ozFox Farm$14.95
Big Bloom, 2.5 Gal.Big Bloom, 2.5 Gal.178Fox Farm$99.95
Big Bloom, 5 Gal.Big Bloom, 5 Gal.1186Fox Farm$199.95
Showroom Only
Big Bloom, Gal.Big Bloom, Gal.117Fox Farm$49.95
Big Bloom, QtBig Bloom, Qt176Fox Farm$14.95
Big Bud Coco, Lt.Big Bud Coco, Lt.2410Advanced Nutrients$45.95
Big Bud Liquid, 250 mlBig Bud Liquid, 250 ml1435Advanced Nutrients$15.95
Big Bud Liquid, 4 LtBig Bud Liquid, 4 Lt676Advanced Nutrients$149.95
Big Bud Liquid, LtBig Bud Liquid, Lt108Advanced Nutrients$39.95
Big Bud, 130 GRAMSBig Bud, 130 GRAMS673Advanced Nutrients$28.95
BioAg Ful-Power Humic Acid, Qt.BioAg Ful-Power Humic Acid, Qt.547$15.95
BioAg VAM-Endo Mix, 1 KGBioAg VAM-Endo Mix, 1 KGVAM$49.95
BioAg VAM™, 300 GramBioAg VAM™, 300 Gram$17.95
Black & White Poly, 10' x 10'Black & White Poly, 10' x 10'10bwp$13.95
Black and White Poly, 100 ftBlack and White Poly, 100 ft336Sunlight Supply$89.95
Black and White Poly, 25 footBlack and White Poly, 25 footbwp25$27.95
Black and White Poly, 50 footBlack and White Poly, 50 foot50polySunLeaves$49.95
Black Label Bud A & B, 4LtsBlack Label Bud A & B, 4Lts$79.90
Black Label Bud A & B, Lts.Black Label Bud A & B, Lts.$29.90
Black Label Bud Enhance, Lt.Black Label Bud Enhance, Lt.2231$49.95
Black Label Flush, 250 MLBlack Label Flush, 250 ML2224$6.95
Black Label Flush, LtBlack Label Flush, Lt2225$14.95
Black Label Root Enhance, 250 MLBlack Label Root Enhance, 250 ML2219$26.95
Black Label Root Enhance, Lt.Black Label Root Enhance, Lt.2220$94.95
Black Label Veg. A & B ltsBlack Label Veg. A & B lts$25.90
Black Label Veg. A & B, 4LtsBlack Label Veg. A & B, 4Lts$69.90
Black Label Zym, Gal.Black Label Zym, Gal.2221$74.95
Black Label Zym, LtBlack Label Zym, Lt2223$19.95
Black Ops Carbon Filter 4 in x 12 in 200 CFMBlack Ops Carbon Filter 4 in x 12 in 200 CFM1726$79.95
Black Ops Carbon Filter 6 in x 24 in 550 CFMBlack Ops Carbon Filter 6 in x 24 in 550 CFM2500$163.95
Black Ops Carbon Filter 8 in x 24 in 750 CFMBlack Ops Carbon Filter 8 in x 24 in 750 CFM2491$169.95
Black Ops Carbon Filter 8 in x 39 in 950 CFMBlack Ops Carbon Filter 8 in x 39 in 950 CFM2510$237.95
Blockbuster Reflector - 6" Air-CooledBlockbuster Reflector - 6" Air-Cooled1491Sunlight Supply$179.95
Blue Air Tubing 10'Blue Air Tubing 10'856SunLeaves$2.95
Blue Air Tubing 100'Blue Air Tubing 100'1138Advanced Nutrients$15.95
Blue Lab Combo MeterBlue Lab Combo Meter860Hydrodynamics International$295.95
Blue Lab pH PenBlue Lab pH Pen$106.95
BlueBerry Dream Flora Nectar, 2.5 GalBlueBerry Dream Flora Nectar, 2.5 Gal1900General Hydroponics$129.95
BlueBerry Dream FloraNectar, GalBlueBerry Dream FloraNectar, GalGeneral Hydroponics$54.95
BlueBerry Dream, Flora Nectar, QtBlueBerry Dream, Flora Nectar, Qt1655General Hydroponics$15.95
Bluelab pH MeterBluelab pH Meter$199.95
Bluelab® pH Probe KCI Storage SolutionBluelab® pH Probe KCI Storage Solution$11.95
Blueprint Cycle Timer 120V, BCT-1Blueprint Cycle Timer 120V, BCT-1SunLeaves$79.95
Blueprint Day/Night Temperature Controller, BTC-1Blueprint Day/Night Temperature Controller, BTC-1SunLeaves$69.95
Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V, BET-1Blueprint EZGrow Timer 120V, BET-1$19.95
Blueprint HID Hub 4 Site, HUB-4Blueprint HID Hub 4 Site, HUB-4SunLeaves$124.95
Blueprint HID Hub 8 Site, HUB-8Blueprint HID Hub 8 Site, HUB-8SunLeaves$207.95
Blueprint Ozone Generator, BOZ-1Blueprint Ozone Generator, BOZ-1120SunLeaves$124.95
Botanicare 2x2 White Flood TableBotanicare 2x2 White Flood Table579Botanicare$59.95
Botanicare Fill and Drain KitBotanicare Fill and Drain KitBotanicare$6.95
Botanicare pH Down, GalBotanicare pH Down, GalBotanicare$27.95
Botanicare pH Down, Qt.Botanicare pH Down, Qt.Botanicare$11.95
Botanicare pH Up, GalBotanicare pH Up, GalBotanicare$27.95
Botanicare pH Up, Qt.Botanicare pH Up, Qt.Botanicare$11.95
Bucket Lid, 10"Bucket Lid, 10"$4.95
Bucket Lid, 6"Bucket Lid, 6"$3.95
Bucket Lid, 8"Bucket Lid, 8"1614HydroFarm$3.95
Bud Blood 40 gramsBud Blood 40 grams103Advanced Nutrients$19.95
Bud Blood Liquid, 250 MLBud Blood Liquid, 250 ML1664Advanced Nutrients$21.95
Bud Candy, 10 Lt.Bud Candy, 10 Lt.889Advanced Nutrients$229.95
Bud Candy, 250 MLBud Candy, 250 ML1497Advanced Nutrients$10.95
Bud Candy, 4LtBud Candy, 4Lt865Advanced Nutrients$99.95
Bud Candy, LtBud Candy, Lt884Advanced Nutrients$29.95
Bud Factor X, 250 MLBud Factor X, 250 ML1472Advanced Nutrients$24.95
Bud Factor X, 4 LtBud Factor X, 4 Lt952Advanced Nutrients$319.95
Bud Factor X, LtBud Factor X, Lt985Advanced Nutrients$99.95
Bud Ignitor, 250 mlBud Ignitor, 250 ml683Advanced Nutrients$29.95
Bud Ignitor, LtBud Ignitor, LtAdvanced Nutrients$89.95
Bud XL 5 LtBud XL 5 Lt1272House & Garden$224.95
Bud XL, 250 MLBud XL, 250 MLHouse & Garden$24.95
Bud XL, LtBud XL, LtHouse & Garden$44.95
Budswel Dry, 2 lbs.Budswel Dry, 2 lbs.374$22.95
Budswel Liquid, Gal.Budswel Liquid, Gal.375$31.95
Bug Screen, 4"Bug Screen, 4"99Sunlight Supply$9.95
Bug Screen, 6"Bug Screen, 6"170Sunlight Supply$9.95
Bug Screen, 8"Bug Screen, 8"341Sunlight Supply$13.95
Bush Doctor - Kangaroots, Qt.Bush Doctor - Kangaroots, Qt.1327Fox Farm$19.95
Bush Doctor - Microbe Brew, Qt.Bush Doctor - Microbe Brew, Qt.1326Fox Farm$25.95
Bush Doctor - Sledge Hammer, Qt.Bush Doctor - Sledge Hammer, Qt.1325Fox Farm$20.95
Bush Doctor Bembe, qtBush Doctor Bembe, qt980General Hydroponics$17.95
Bush Doctor Boomerang, qtBush Doctor Boomerang, qt2037Fox Farm$20.95
Bush Doctor Coco Loco Potting MixBush Doctor Coco Loco Potting MixFox Farm$20.95
Showroom Only
Bush Doctor Flower Kiss, qtBush Doctor Flower Kiss, qt1954Fox Farm$17.95
Bush Doctor Force of Nature Insecticide RTU, qtBush Doctor Force of Nature Insecticide RTU, qt2243Fox Farm$18.95
Bush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You, qtBush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You, qt2397Fox Farm$19.95
Bush Doctor- Microbe Brew, GalBush Doctor- Microbe Brew, Gal1953Sunlight Supply$69.95
BushDoctor Bembe' GalBushDoctor Bembe' Gal2194Fox Farm$56.95
BushDoctor® Wholly Mackerel™ 3 - 1 - 0, Pt.BushDoctor® Wholly Mackerel™ 3 - 1 - 0, Pt.Fox Farm$11.95
Cal-Mag Plus, 2.5 Gal.Cal-Mag Plus, 2.5 Gal.136Botanicare$81.95
Cal-Mag Plus, Gal.Cal-Mag Plus, Gal.239Botanicare$44.95
Cal-Mag Plus, QtCal-Mag Plus, Qt238Botanicare$18.95
CaliMagic, Gal.CaliMagic, Gal.1278General Hydroponics$39.95
CaliMagic, Qt.CaliMagic, Qt.1568General Hydroponics$15.95
Can 6" Max Fan, 334 CFMCan 6" Max Fan, 334 CFM1291CF Group$194.95
Can 8" Max FanCan 8" Max Fanmax8CF Group$284.95
Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew, RTU, QtCaptain Jack's Dead Bug Brew, RTU, Qt1250$9.95
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Concentrate, 16 ozCaptain Jack's Deadbug Brew Concentrate, 16 oz1066$19.95
Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Concentrate, Qt.Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew Concentrate, Qt.1991$30.95
Carbo Load Liquid, LtCarbo Load Liquid, Lt649Advanced Nutrients$25.95
Carbo Load Powder, 600 gramsCarbo Load Powder, 600 grams648Advanced Nutrients$39.95
Carboload Liquid 250 mlCarboload Liquid 250 ml1394Advanced Nutrients$6.95
CarboLoad Liquid, 10 LtCarboLoad Liquid, 10 Lt171Advanced Nutrients$127.95
CarboLoad Liquid, 4 LtCarboLoad Liquid, 4 Lt650Advanced Nutrients$79.95
CFL Wing Reflector for Compact Fluorescent BulbsCFL Wing Reflector for Compact Fluorescent BulbsBWRSunLeaves$35.95
Cha Ching, 1 LBCha Ching, 1 LB620Fox Farm$32.95
Cha Ching, 2 LbsCha Ching, 2 Lbs1069Fox Farm$49.95
Cha Ching, 6 ozCha Ching, 6 ozFox Farm$14.95
Clear Rez, Pt.Clear Rez, Pt.1337EZ Clone$19.95
Clearex, 2.5 GalClearex, 2.5 GalBotanicare$79.95
Clearex, Gal.Clearex, Gal.237Botanicare$31.95
Clearex, Qt.Clearex, Qt.236Botanicare$11.95
Clonex Clone KitClonex Clone KitHydrodynamics International$29.95
Clonex Gel, 100 MLClonex Gel, 100 MLHydrodynamics International$20.95
Clonex Mist, 100 mlClonex Mist, 100 mlHydrodynamics International$9.95
Clonex Mist, 300 MLClonex Mist, 300 MLHydrodynamics International$29.95
Clonex Solution, qt.Clonex Solution, qt.CLOSOLHydrodynamics International$23.95
CNS17 Bloom, Gal.CNS17 Bloom, Gal.Botanicare$29.95
CNS17 Grow, Gal.CNS17 Grow, Gal.Botanicare$29.95
CNS17 Ripe, GalCNS17 Ripe, GalBotanicare$29.95
CNS17 Ripe, Qt.CNS17 Ripe, Qt.Botanicare$9.95
CO2 Tank or SwapCO2 Tank or Swap$19.95
Showroom Only
CO2 Test KitCO2 Test Kit$19.95
CocoGro BaleCocoGro Bale1054Botanicare$15.95
CocoGro Loose 1.5 CFCocoGro Loose 1.5 CFBotanicare$19.95
Showroom Only
CocoTek A/B Grow Qts.CocoTek A/B Grow Qts.2309/2310General Hydroponics$23.90
CocoTek Bloom A/B Qts.CocoTek Bloom A/B Qts.2307/2308General Hydroponics$23.90
Connoisseur Grow A/B Lts.Connoisseur Grow A/B Lts.2496/2497Advanced Nutrients$39.90
Covert Tank, 33 GalCovert Tank, 33 Gal1867General Hydroponics$93.95
Cultured Solutions Bloom A GallonCultured Solutions Bloom A Gallon$44.95
Cultured Solutions Bloom B GallonCultured Solutions Bloom B Gallon$44.95
Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Early 2.5 GallonCultured Solutions Bud Booster Early 2.5 Gallon$179.95
Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Early GallonCultured Solutions Bud Booster Early Gallon$79.95
Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Late 1.5 lbCultured Solutions Bud Booster Late 1.5 lb$29.95
Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Late 7.5 lbCultured Solutions Bud Booster Late 7.5 lb$119.95
Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Mid 2.5 GallonCultured Solutions Bud Booster Mid 2.5 Gallon$179.95
Cultured Solutions Bud Booster Mid GallonCultured Solutions Bud Booster Mid Gallon$79.95
Cultured Solutions Veg A GallonCultured Solutions Veg A Gallon2601$44.95
Cultured Solutions Veg A QuartCultured Solutions Veg A Quart$19.95
Cultured Solutions Veg B GallonCultured Solutions Veg B Gallon2602$44.95
Cultured Solutions Veg B QuartCultured Solutions Veg B Quart$19.95
Cultured Solutions™ UC Roots, Gal.Cultured Solutions™ UC Roots, Gal.Ucroot$109.95
Cutting Edge Bloom, Gal.Cutting Edge Bloom, Gal.$27.95
Cutting Edge Bloom, qtCutting Edge Bloom, qt$11.95
Cutting Edge Bulletproof Si 5%, qt.Cutting Edge Bulletproof Si 5%, qt.1255$16.95
Cutting Edge G-Rex, 16 ozCutting Edge G-Rex, 16 oz$54.95
Cutting Edge Grow, galCutting Edge Grow, gal2147$27.95
Cutting Edge Grow, qtCutting Edge Grow, qt$8.95
Cutting Edge Mag Amped, qtCutting Edge Mag Amped, qt2133$23.95
Cutting Edge Mag-Amped, GalCutting Edge Mag-Amped, GalBotanicare$86.95
Cutting Edge Micro, GalCutting Edge Micro, Gal$32.95
Cutting Edge Micro, qtCutting Edge Micro, qt$9.95
Cutting Edge Plant Amp, qtCutting Edge Plant Amp, qt2132$25.95
Cutting Edge Sour-Dee, qtCutting Edge Sour-Dee, qt2134$19.95
Cutting Edge Sugaree, galCutting Edge Sugaree, gal2142$59.95
Cutting Edge Sugaree, qtCutting Edge Sugaree, qt487$19.95
Cutting Edge Uncle John's Blend, galCutting Edge Uncle John's Blend, gal2143$86.95
Cutting Edge Uncle John's Blend, qtCutting Edge Uncle John's Blend, qt161$26.95
Cyco B1 Boost Lt.Cyco B1 Boost Lt.2217$39.95
Cyco Bloom A. Lt.Cyco Bloom A. Lt.2014$9.95
Cyco Bloom B. Lt.Cyco Bloom B. Lt.2013$9.95
Cyco Grow A Lt.Cyco Grow A Lt.2016$9.95
Cyco Grow B Lt.Cyco Grow B Lt.2015$9.95
Cyco Kleanse, Lt.Cyco Kleanse, Lt.153$14.95
Cyco Supa Sticky, LtCyco Supa Sticky, Lt242$44.95
Dark Room 120 WDark Room 120 W1571Secret Jardin$168.95
Dark Room 60 Pro 24" x 24" x 64"Dark Room 60 Pro 24" x 24" x 64"dr60Secret Jardin$149.95
Dark Room DryerDark Room Dryer1298Secret Jardin$129.95
Showroom Only
Dark Room Pro 120 4x4Dark Room Pro 120 4x4Sunlight Supply$239.95
Showroom Only
Dark Room Pro 150 5x5Dark Room Pro 150 5x5$329.95
Showroom Only
Dark Room Pro 90 3x3Dark Room Pro 90 3x3Secret Jardin$199.95
Showroom Only
Dark Street 150, 5x5Dark Street 150, 5x5DS150Botanicare$269.95
Showroom Only
Dark Street 60 2x2Dark Street 60 2x2Secret Jardin$104.95
Dark Street 90Dark Street 901914Secret Jardin$144.95
Showroom Only
DarkRoom Dark PropagatorDarkRoom Dark PropagatordrpropSecret Jardin$99.95
Darkstreet II DS120, 48" x 48" x 72"Darkstreet II DS120, 48" x 48" x 72"1913Secret Jardin$209.95
Showroom Only
Desk Top CO2 MonitorDesk Top CO2 Monitor$139.95
Diamond Nectar, Gal.Diamond Nectar, Gal.197General Hydroponics$44.95
Diamond Nectar, qt.Diamond Nectar, qt.196General Hydroponics$16.95
Digimax 1000 Watt DE - Double EndedDigimax 1000 Watt DE - Double Ended2588$89.95
Digital Moisture Meter - RapitestDigital Moisture Meter - RapitestDMM$9.95
Dip'N Grow, 2 ozDip'N Grow, 2 oz$9.95
Dirty Dozen Starter KitDirty Dozen Starter Kit2193Fox Farm$104.95
Doktor Doom 5.5OZ FoggerDoktor Doom 5.5OZ Fogger585Doktor Doom$12.95
Doktor Doom Fogger 12.5 ozDoktor Doom Fogger 12.5 oz811$18.95
Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout  16 OzDoktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout 16 OzSMKODoktor Doom$14.95
Don't Bug Me-24 OzDon't Bug Me-24 OzDBMFox Farm$15.95
Down To Earth Blood Meal 12 - 0 - 0 5 LbsDown To Earth Blood Meal 12 - 0 - 0 5 Lbs$19.95
Down to Earth Oyster Shell, 6lbs.Down to Earth Oyster Shell, 6lbs.$7.95
Down To Earth™ Acid Mix 4 - 3 - 6. 6 LbsDown To Earth™ Acid Mix 4 - 3 - 6. 6 Lbs2700$10.95
Down To Earth™ Alfalfa Meal 2.5 - 1 - 1Down To Earth™ Alfalfa Meal 2.5 - 1 - 1$8.95
Down To Earth™ Azomite™ SR Powder 0 - 0 - 0.2 , 6 Lbs.Down To Earth™ Azomite™ SR Powder 0 - 0 - 0.2 , 6 Lbs.2395$8.95
Down To Earth™ Bat Guano 0 - 7 - 0, 5 LbsDown To Earth™ Bat Guano 0 - 7 - 0, 5 Lbs$12.95
Down To Earth™ Bone Meal 3 - 15 - 0 , 6 LbsDown To Earth™ Bone Meal 3 - 15 - 0 , 6 Lbs$10.95
Down To Earth™ Cottonseed Meal 6 - 2 - 1 , 6lbsDown To Earth™ Cottonseed Meal 6 - 2 - 1 , 6lbs$9.95
Down To Earth™ Feather Meal, 5 lbsDown To Earth™ Feather Meal, 5 lbs$12.95
Down To Earth™ Fish Bone Meal 3 - 16 - 0, 6 Lbs.Down To Earth™ Fish Bone Meal 3 - 16 - 0, 6 Lbs.2387$8.95
Down To Earth™ Greensand, 5Lbs.Down To Earth™ Greensand, 5Lbs.2400$14.95
Down To Earth™ Kelp Meal 1 - 0.1 - 2 , 5 LbsDown To Earth™ Kelp Meal 1 - 0.1 - 2 , 5 Lbs$14.95
Down To Earth™ Langbeinite (Sul-Po-Mag) 0 - 0 - 22, 5 LbsDown To Earth™ Langbeinite (Sul-Po-Mag) 0 - 0 - 22, 5 Lbs2435$9.95
Down To Earth™ Neem Seed Meal, 5 LbsDown To Earth™ Neem Seed Meal, 5 Lbs$14.95
Down To Earth™ Vegan Mix 3 - 2 - 2, 6 Lbs.Down To Earth™ Vegan Mix 3 - 2 - 2, 6 Lbs.2472$8.95
Drip Clean, 250 MLDrip Clean, 250 MLHouse & Garden$23.95
Drip Clean, LtDrip Clean, LtHouse & Garden$59.95
Dual Diaphragm Air PumpDual Diaphragm Air Pump748General Hydroponics$74.95
Dual Outlet Timer, 15 ampDual Outlet Timer, 15 amp802Sunlight Supply$14.95
Duct Reducer 6" - 4"Duct Reducer 6" - 4"626$10.95
Duct Reducer 8" - 6"Duct Reducer 8" - 6"8-6 reducer$11.95
Dura Filter 4\"Dura Filter 4\"SunLeaves$79.95
Dura Filter 6"Dura Filter 6"2057SunLeaves$109.95
Dura Filter, 8"Dura Filter, 8"1388SunLeaves$151.95
Showroom Only
DuraBreeze Orbital 12" Wall Mount FanDuraBreeze Orbital 12" Wall Mount Fan3SunLeaves$44.95
DuraBreeze Orbital Wall Fan, 16"DuraBreeze Orbital Wall Fan, 16"2189$49.95
Dust Shroom 4"Dust Shroom 4"1746$79.95
Dust Shroom 6"Dust Shroom 6"1718$119.95
Dust Shroom 8"Dust Shroom 8"1842$119.95
Dust Shroom Cleaning KitDust Shroom Cleaning Kit1719$19.95
Dyna-Gro Bloom, 8 ozDyna-Gro Bloom, 8 oz1637Dyna-Gro$6.95
Dyna-Gro Bloom, Gal.Dyna-Gro Bloom, Gal.473Dyna-Gro$54.95
Dyna-Gro Bloom, QuartDyna-Gro Bloom, Quart472Dyna-Gro$17.95
Dyna-Gro Grow, 8 ozDyna-Gro Grow, 8 oz1366Dyna-Gro$6.95
Dyna-Gro Grow, Gal.Dyna-Gro Grow, Gal.282Dyna-Gro$54.95
Dyna-Gro Grow, Qt.Dyna-Gro Grow, Qt.281Dyna-Gro$17.95
ECO 1056 GPH Sumbersible PumpECO 1056 GPH Sumbersible Pump858Sunlight Supply$69.95
ECO 1500 ELITE PUMPECO 1500 ELITE PUMP989Sunlight Supply$129.95
ECO 264 GPH Submersible PumpECO 264 GPH Submersible Pump364Sunlight Supply$20.95
ECO 396 GPH Submersible PumpECO 396 GPH Submersible Pump791Sunlight Supply$24.95
ECO 633 GPH Submersible PumpECO 633 GPH Submersible Pump1003Sunlight Supply$44.95
Eco 66 GPH PumpEco 66 GPH Pump1556Sunlight Supply$9.95
Econo Wing Reflector XLEcono Wing Reflector XLXLSunlight Supply$49.95
Einstein Oil, PtEinstein Oil, Pt$52.95
Elemental H2O Digital ThermometerElemental H2O Digital Thermometer2047$9.95
Elemental H2O Pump, 171 gphElemental H2O Pump, 171 gph501SunLeaves$12.95
Elemental H2O Pump, 97 gphElemental H2O Pump, 97 gphSunLeaves$9.95
Elemental O2 Commercial Pump, 1268 gphElemental O2 Commercial Pump, 1268 gph2251$56.95
Elemental O2 Commercial Pump, 1744 gphElemental O2 Commercial Pump, 1744 gph1179SunLeaves$66.95
Elemental O2 Commercial Pump, 571 gphElemental O2 Commercial Pump, 571 gph825SunLeaves$24.95
Energy Station Cali-Ballast 1000WEnergy Station Cali-Ballast 1000W$169.95
Epic 8 in Air-Cooled ReflectorEpic 8 in Air-Cooled Reflector$349.95
Showroom Only
Epsom Salts, 4 LbsEpsom Salts, 4 Lbs1589$12.95
Espoma Garden Gypsum, 6 lbEspoma Garden Gypsum, 6 lb1372$9.95
Espoma Rock Phosphate, 7.25 LbsEspoma Rock Phosphate, 7.25 Lbs894Espoma$12.95
Eye Hortilux 600 Watt Super HPS LampEye Hortilux 600 Watt Super HPS Lamp57Eye Hortilux$89.00
Eye Hortilux 940 Watt MH-HPS Conversion LampEye Hortilux 940 Watt MH-HPS Conversion Lamp59Eye Hortilux$199.95
Eye Hortilux Blue 400 Watt Metal HalideEye Hortilux Blue 400 Watt Metal Halide62Eye Hortilux$129.95
Eye Hortilux Blue 600 Watt MHEye Hortilux Blue 600 Watt MH2049Eye Hortilux$149.95
Eye Hortilux Blue-1000 Watt Metal HalideEye Hortilux Blue-1000 Watt Metal Halide63Eye Hortilux$239.95
Eye Hortilux Super 400 Watt HPS lampEye Hortilux Super 400 Watt HPS lamp58Eye Hortilux$94.95
EYE PowerVEG T5 4' HO 54WEYE PowerVEG T5 4' HO 54WEye Hortilux$29.95
EZ Clone 360 degree sprayers, 10 pakEZ Clone 360 degree sprayers, 10 pak355$7.50
EZ Clone Classic 128 SiteEZ Clone Classic 128 Site1934EZ Clone$419.95
EZ Clone Classic, 16 SiteEZ Clone Classic, 16 SiteEZ Clone$159.95
EZ Clone Classic, 32 SiteEZ Clone Classic, 32 SiteEZ Clone$249.95
EZ Clone Classic, 64 SiteEZ Clone Classic, 64 SiteSunlight Supply$319.95
EZ Clone Replacement Neoprene 35 pak SoftEZ Clone Replacement Neoprene 35 pak Soft495EZ Clone$17.50
EZ Clone Replacement Neoprene, 35 pak, HardEZ Clone Replacement Neoprene, 35 pak, Hard1925EZ Clone$17.50
EZ Clone Rooting Compound, 4 ozEZ Clone Rooting Compound, 4 oz140EZ Clone$21.95
Fan Speed Adjuster  Active AirFan Speed Adjuster Active Air1005$29.95
Final Flush Blueberry, LFinal Flush Blueberry, L1216$12.95
Flawless Finish, 250 mlFlawless Finish, 250 ml1471Advanced Nutrients$7.95
Flawless Finish, 4 Lt.Flawless Finish, 4 Lt.1758Advanced Nutrients$64.95
Flawless Finish, LtFlawless Finish, Lt651Advanced Nutrients$19.95
Flo n Gro 6 Cell ExpansionFlo n Gro 6 Cell Expansion1607Sunlight Supply$99.95
Flo N Gro SystemFlo N Gro System1516Sunlight Supply$599.95
Showroom Only
Float Valve, 1/4" Quick ConnectFloat Valve, 1/4" Quick Connect1358$18.95
Floating ThermometerFloating Thermometer1531$1.95
Flora Blend Gal.Flora Blend Gal.964General Hydroponics$29.95
Flora Blend Vegan Compost Tea, QtFlora Blend Vegan Compost Tea, Qt584General Hydroponics$11.95
Flora Kleen, GalFlora Kleen, Gal183General Hydroponics$21.95
Flora Kleen, QtFlora Kleen, Qt182General Hydroponics$9.95
Flora Nectar Pineapple Rush, GalFlora Nectar Pineapple Rush, Gal755General Hydroponics$49.95
Flora Nectar Pineapple Rush, QtFlora Nectar Pineapple Rush, Qt728General Hydroponics$17.95
Flora Nova Bloom, Gal.Flora Nova Bloom, Gal.193General Hydroponics$84.95
Flora Nova Bloom, QtFlora Nova Bloom, Qt192General Hydroponics$26.95
Flora Nova Grow, Gal.Flora Nova Grow, Gal.195General Hydroponics$84.95
Flora Nova Grow, Qt.Flora Nova Grow, Qt.194General Hydroponics$26.95
Flora Series Performance PakFlora Series Performance Pak984General Hydroponics$49.95
FloraBloom, 2.5 GalFloraBloom, 2.5 Gal214General Hydroponics$68.95
FloraBloom, 6 Gal.FloraBloom, 6 Gal.215General Hydroponics$139.95
Showroom Only
FloraBloom, GalFloraBloom, Gal213$30.95
FloraBloom, Qt.FloraBloom, Qt.212General Hydroponics$11.95
FloraDuo A 1 galFloraDuo A 1 gal2317General Hydroponics$33.95
FloraDuo B, galFloraDuo B, gal$33.95
FloraGro, 2.5 Gal.FloraGro, 2.5 Gal.210General Hydroponics$68.95
FloraGro, 6 Gal.FloraGro, 6 Gal.211General Hydroponics$139.95
Showroom Only
FloraGro, Gal.FloraGro, Gal.209General Hydroponics$30.95
FloraGro,Qt.FloraGro,Qt.208General Hydroponics$11.95
Floralicious Bloom 2.5 GalFloralicious Bloom 2.5 Gal800General Hydroponics$114.95
Floralicious Bloom, Gal.Floralicious Bloom, Gal.568General Hydroponics$79.95
Floralicious Bloom, Qt.Floralicious Bloom, Qt.121General Hydroponics$24.95
Floralicious Plus 8ozFloralicious Plus 8oz622General Hydroponics$19.95
Floralicious Plus, galFloralicious Plus, gal2100General Hydroponics$194.95
Floralicious Plus, qtFloralicious Plus, qt1741General Hydroponics$59.95
Floralicous Plus, 16 ozFloralicous Plus, 16 oz547General Hydroponics$32.95
FloraMicro, 2.5 Gal.FloraMicro, 2.5 Gal.202General Hydroponics$83.95
FloraMicro, 6 Gal.FloraMicro, 6 Gal.203General Hydroponics$169.95
Showroom Only
FloraMicro, GalFloraMicro, Gal201General Hydroponics$35.95
FloraMicro,Qt.FloraMicro,Qt.200General Hydroponics$15.95
FloraNectar Coconut, qtFloraNectar Coconut, qt1648General Hydroponics$19.95
FloraNectar Sugar Cane, QtFloraNectar Sugar Cane, Qt1236General Hydroponics$20.95
FloraNectar, GalFloraNectar, Gal1196General Hydroponics$54.95
FloraNectar, Sweetener, Qt.FloraNectar, Sweetener, Qt.728General Hydroponics$19.95
Fossil Fuel, GalFossil Fuel, Gal1537Hydrodynamics International$39.95
Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil, 2 Cu Ft.Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil, 2 Cu Ft.85Fox Farm$16.65
Showroom Only
Fox Farm Light Warrior, 1 Cu FtFox Farm Light Warrior, 1 Cu FtFox Farm$16.95
Showroom Only
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, 1.5 Cu FtFox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, 1.5 Cu Ft83Fox Farm$20.95
Showroom Only
Fox Farm Planting Mix, 1 Cu FtFox Farm Planting Mix, 1 Cu Ft93Fox Farm$16.95
Showroom Only
Future Harvest Nutradip® GrowBossFuture Harvest Nutradip® GrowBoss2578$274.95
Galaxy Digital Logic Dimmable Select Wattage Electronic Ballasts, 1000 WattGalaxy Digital Logic Dimmable Select Wattage Electronic Ballasts, 1000 WattSunlight Supply$299.95
Galaxy Grow Amp 400/600 Watt - 600 TurboGalaxy Grow Amp 400/600 Watt - 600 Turbo795Sunlight Supply$234.95
Galaxy® Grow Amp 600/750/1000 WattGalaxy® Grow Amp 600/750/1000 Watt698Sunlight Supply$289.95
General Organics® Ancient Forest 0.5 CFGeneral Organics® Ancient Forest 0.5 CF1215$14.95
GH pH Down, 8 ozGH pH Down, 8 ozGeneral Hydroponics$6.95
GH pH Down, quartGH pH Down, quartghphdqtGeneral Hydroponics$12.95
GH pH Up, 8 ozGH pH Up, 8 ozGeneral Hydroponics$6.95
GH pH Up, quartGH pH Up, quartGPU505General Hydroponics$12.95
Gnat StixGnat Stixgnat$4.95
GO Bio Thrive Bloom, 2.5 Gal.GO Bio Thrive Bloom, 2.5 Gal.General Hydroponics$109.95
GO Bio Thrive Bloom, GalGO Bio Thrive Bloom, Gal426General Hydroponics$54.95
GO Bio Thrive Bloom, Qt.GO Bio Thrive Bloom, Qt.916General Hydroponics$17.95
GO Bio Thrive Grow, 2.5 GalGO Bio Thrive Grow, 2.5 Gal1980General Hydroponics$109.95
GO Bio Thrive Grow, GalGO Bio Thrive Grow, Gal1434General Hydroponics$57.95
GO Bio Thrive Grow, Qt.GO Bio Thrive Grow, Qt.980General Hydroponics$17.95
GO BioBud, 2.5 GalGO BioBud, 2.5 Gal1967General Hydroponics$349.95
GO BioBud, GalGO BioBud, Gal1539General Hydroponics$149.95
GO BioBud, QtGO BioBud, Qt1335General Hydroponics$39.95
GO BioMarine, GalGO BioMarine, Gal2054General Hydroponics$49.95
GO BioMarine, Qt.GO BioMarine, Qt.992General Hydroponics$16.95
GO BioRoot, Qt.GO BioRoot, Qt.991General Hydroponics$15.95
GO BioWeed, GalGO BioWeed, Gal274General Hydroponics$57.95
GO BioWeed, Qt.GO BioWeed, Qt.298General Hydroponics$19.95
GO BoxGO Box1494General Hydroponics$44.95
GO CA MG+, Gal.GO CA MG+, Gal.1537General Hydroponics$54.95
GO CaMg+, 2.5 GalGO CaMg+, 2.5 Gal1966General Hydroponics$117.95
GO CaMg+, Qt.GO CaMg+, Qt.1333General Hydroponics$17.95
GO Diamond Black, Gal.GO Diamond Black, Gal.General Hydroponics$51.95
GO Diamond Black, Qt.GO Diamond Black, Qt.280General Hydroponics$14.95
goGnats, Pt.goGnats, Pt.Earth Juice$19.95
Green Cleaner 2 OZGreen Cleaner 2 OZ2485$19.95
Green Cleaner 8 ozGreen Cleaner 8 oz383$59.95
Gro Pro Essential Round Fabric Pot 3 GallonGro Pro Essential Round Fabric Pot 3 Gallon2369$2.49
Gro Pro Essential Round Fabric Pot 5 GallonGro Pro Essential Round Fabric Pot 5 Gallon2368$3.49
Gro-Momma Bubbler BucketGro-Momma Bubbler BucketSunlight Supply$39.95
Grodan 1.5" Mini BlocksGrodan 1.5" Mini Blocks76Grodan$8.95
Grodan 1.5" Starter Sheet, 98 CubesGrodan 1.5" Starter Sheet, 98 CubesGrodan$12.95
Grodan 2" Starter Sheet, 50 CubesGrodan 2" Starter Sheet, 50 CubesGrodan$10.99
Grodan 3x3x2.5 Rockwool No Holes, Strip of 8Grodan 3x3x2.5 Rockwool No Holes, Strip of 8Grodan$5.95
Grodan 3x3x2.5 with holesGrodan 3x3x2.5 with holes833Grodan$5.95
Grodan 3x3x4 Rockwool, Strip of 8Grodan 3x3x4 Rockwool, Strip of 8Grodan$8.95
Grodan 4x4x2.5 Rockwool, Strip of 6Grodan 4x4x2.5 Rockwool, Strip of 6Grodan$5.95
Grodan 4x4x3 Rockwool with Holes, Strip of 6Grodan 4x4x3 Rockwool with Holes, Strip of 6Grodan$7.95
Grodan 4x4x4 Rockwool Cubes, Strip of 6Grodan 4x4x4 Rockwool Cubes, Strip of 64x4x4Grodan$9.22
Grodan 6" x 36" Expert SlabGrodan 6" x 36" Expert Slab144Grodan$7.95
Showroom Only
Grodan 6x6x6 Rockwool CubeGrodan 6x6x6 Rockwool CubeGrodan$3.49
Grodan 8"x36" slabGrodan 8"x36" slab145$10.95
Showroom Only
Grodan Grow Chunks, 2 cfGrodan Grow Chunks, 2 cfGrodan$39.95
Grodan Grow Cubes , 1 CFGrodan Grow Cubes , 1 CFGrodan$26.95
Grodan Growcubes, 2 cu ftGrodan Growcubes, 2 cu ftGCGrodan$39.95
Grodan Rockwool Plugs, 50 CtGrodan Rockwool Plugs, 50 CtGrodan$11.95
Grow Big Hydro, Gal.Grow Big Hydro, Gal.754Fox Farm$57.95
Grow Big Hydro, QtGrow Big Hydro, Qt938Fox Farm$19.95
Grow Big, Gal.Grow Big, Gal.173Fox Farm$59.95
Grow Big, Qt.Grow Big, Qt.172Fox Farm$19.95
Grow More Dolomite Lime 4 lbGrow More Dolomite Lime 4 lbSunLeaves$9.95
Growilla Bud, 12LbsGrowilla Bud, 12LbsBotanicare$59.95
Growilla Veg, 12 LbsGrowilla Veg, 12 LbsBotanicare$59.95
Growstone Gnat NixGrowstone Gnat Nix1562$15.95
Growstone Gnat Nix, 1.5 cu ftGrowstone Gnat Nix, 1.5 cu ft2254$49.95
Growstone Super Soil Aerator, 1 CFGrowstone Super Soil Aerator, 1 CF$22.95
Growstones 1/2-1", 1.25 cu ftGrowstones 1/2-1", 1.25 cu ft1141$29.95
Hammer Head, 250 MLHammer Head, 250 ML2512Advanced Nutrients$12.95
Hammer Head, 4 Lt.Hammer Head, 4 Lt.2499Advanced Nutrients$136.95
Hammer Head, Lt.Hammer Head, Lt.1916$42.95
Happy Frog All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, 4lb bagHappy Frog All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, 4lb bag936Fox Farm$11.95
Happy Frog Bat Guano, 4 lbsHappy Frog Bat Guano, 4 lbs1420Fox Farm$13.95
Happy Frog Bone Meal, 4 lb.Happy Frog Bone Meal, 4 lb.226Fox Farm$9.95
Happy Frog Fruit & Flower, 4 lbHappy Frog Fruit & Flower, 4 lb228Fox Farm$11.95
Happy Frog Steamed Bone Meal, 4 LbsHappy Frog Steamed Bone Meal, 4 Lbs226Fox Farm$9.95
Happy Frog Tomato Vegetable, 4LBSHappy Frog Tomato Vegetable, 4LBS330Fox Farm$9.95
HardCore 1000 Watt Switchable BallastHardCore 1000 Watt Switchable Ballast928Sunlight Supply$119.95
HardCore 600 watt HPS BallastHardCore 600 watt HPS BallastSunlight Supply$109.95
Hardwater FloraMicro, quartHardwater FloraMicro, quart204General Hydroponics$15.95
HDI Ionic Bloom Hardwater, Gal.HDI Ionic Bloom Hardwater, Gal.540Hydrodynamics International$29.95
HDI Ionic Bloom, GalHDI Ionic Bloom, Gal549Hydrodynamics International$36.95
HDI Ionic Grow Hardwater, GalHDI Ionic Grow Hardwater, GalIGHHWHydrodynamics International$36.95
HDI Ionic Grow, Gal.HDI Ionic Grow, Gal.IGroHydrodynamics International$36.95
HDI Ionic PK Boost, GalHDI Ionic PK Boost, Gal1343Hydrodynamics International$36.95
HDI Mother Plant pt A, QtHDI Mother Plant pt A, Qt1323Hydrodynamics International$16.95
HDI Mother Plant pt B. Qt.HDI Mother Plant pt B. Qt.1073Hydrodynamics International$16.95
HDI Nitrozime, PtHDI Nitrozime, Pt345Hydrodynamics International$32.95
Honey Bee Pollen & Trim Tray KitHoney Bee Pollen & Trim Tray Kit$49.95
Hormex Rooting Powder .75 ozHormex Rooting Powder .75 oz1062Hormex$7.95
Hormex, GalHormex, Gal1143Hormex$93.95
Hormex, Pt.Hormex, Pt.1110Hormex$23.95
House & Garden Coco A, LtHouse & Garden Coco A, LtHouse & Garden$17.95
House & Garden Coco B, LtHouse & Garden Coco B, LtPM400House & Garden$17.95
House & Garden Soil A, Lt.House & Garden Soil A, Lt.House & Garden$17.95
House & Garden Soil B, LtHouse & Garden Soil B, LtHouse & Garden$17.95
House and Garden Coco Medium, 50 LtHouse and Garden Coco Medium, 50 LtHouse & Garden$29.95
Showroom Only
Humboldt Big Up, 8ozHumboldt Big Up, 8oz1303$23.95
Humboldt Big Up. 1 poundHumboldt Big Up. 1 pound1994$49.95
Humboldt Ginormous, QtHumboldt Ginormous, Qt826$19.95
Humboldt Nutrients Ginormous, GalHumboldt Nutrients Ginormous, Gal2212$74.95
Humboldt Oneness, Gal.Humboldt Oneness, Gal.1321$74.95
Humboldt Verde, qtHumboldt Verde, qt2145$22.95
Humboldt's Own Crystal Burst, Qt.Humboldt's Own Crystal Burst, Qt.1428$19.95
Humboldt's Own Deep Breath, Qt.Humboldt's Own Deep Breath, Qt.HydroFarm$49.95
Humboldt's Own G-10 Gravitation, Qt.Humboldt's Own G-10 Gravitation, Qt.366$49.95
Humboldt's Own Snow Storm Ultra, 8ozHumboldt's Own Snow Storm Ultra, 8oz890$10.95
Hurricane 16" Wall Mount Fan -Hurricane 16" Wall Mount Fan -606Sunlight Supply$39.95
Hurricane Inline Fan 4" - 171 CFM / 1 AMPHurricane Inline Fan 4" - 171 CFM / 1 AMP2055$99.95
Hurricane Inline Fan 6 inHurricane Inline Fan 6 in1680Sunlight Supply$129.95
Hurricane Inline Fan 8inHurricane Inline Fan 8in1679Sunlight Supply$169.95
Hydro Flow 1 in UnisealHydro Flow 1 in Uniseal2606$2.95
Hydro Flow 2 in UnisealHydro Flow 2 in Uniseal2386$4.95
Hydro Flow 3 in UnisealHydro Flow 3 in Uniseal$6.95
Hydro Flow® Rain Ring™ 9"Hydro Flow® Rain Ring™ 9"2414$8.95
Hydro-Logic Algae block clear filter housing sleeveHydro-Logic Algae block clear filter housing sleeve2019$12.95
Hydro-Organics Big Bloomin' Guano, Qt.Hydro-Organics Big Bloomin' Guano, Qt.Earth Juice$9.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Assist, QtHydro-Organics Earth Juice Assist, QtEarth Juice$9.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Bloom, GalHydro-Organics Earth Juice Bloom, Gal272Earth Juice$28.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Bloom, QtHydro-Organics Earth Juice Bloom, Qt271Earth Juice$11.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Catalyst, GalHydro-Organics Earth Juice Catalyst, GalEarth Juice$29.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Catalyst, Qt.Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Catalyst, Qt.273Earth Juice$12.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Grow, GalHydro-Organics Earth Juice Grow, GalPSGEarth Juice$29.95
Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Grow, Qt.Hydro-Organics Earth Juice Grow, Qt.269Earth Juice$12.95
Hydro-Organics HI-Brix, GalHydro-Organics HI-Brix, Gal1208Earth Juice$13.95
Hydro-Organics Meta K, QtHydro-Organics Meta K, Qt278Earth Juice$14.95
Hydro-Organics Microblast, Qt.Hydro-Organics Microblast, Qt.275Earth Juice$14.95
Hydro-Organics OilyCann, 1 qtHydro-Organics OilyCann, 1 qt2038Earth Juice$11.95
Hydrofarm Light TrackHydrofarm Light TrackHLTHydroFarm$109.95
HydroGuard Gal.HydroGuard Gal.2266Botanicare$74.95
Hydroguard, qtHydroguard, qt2064Botanicare$29.95
Hydroplex Bloom Qt.Hydroplex Bloom Qt.233Botanicare$34.95
Hydroplex Bloom, GalHydroplex Bloom, Gal815Botanicare$89.95
Hydroton Clay Pebbles, 10 LtsHydroton Clay Pebbles, 10 Lts257$11.95
Hydroton Clay Pebbles, 2 LBSHydroton Clay Pebbles, 2 LBS872$2.95
Hygrozyme, 500 mlHygrozyme, 500 ml1039$19.95
Hygrozyme, GalHygrozyme, Gal1061Sipco$134.95
Hygrozyme, QtHygrozyme, Qt344Sipco$34.95
Iguana Juice Bloom, LtIguana Juice Bloom, Lt677Advanced Nutrients$19.95
Iguana Juice Grow, LtIguana Juice Grow, Lt679Advanced Nutrients$19.95
IN-LINE DUCT FAN  65 CFM, 4"IN-LINE DUCT FAN 65 CFM, 4"339SunLeaves$44.95
Inline Duct Booster 6 inInline Duct Booster 6 in$49.95
Inline Duct Booster Fan, 210 CFM, 8"Inline Duct Booster Fan, 210 CFM, 8"1162SunLeaves$54.95
Inline Valve 1/2"Inline Valve 1/2"356$2.95
Insect Dust -Diatomaceous Earth, 4.4 lbs.Insect Dust -Diatomaceous Earth, 4.4 lbs.DE$10.95
Irradiator - 6" Air-Cooled ReflectorIrradiator - 6" Air-Cooled Reflector1805Sunlight Supply$144.95
Jacks Classic All Purpose 20-20-20 1.5 lbJacks Classic All Purpose 20-20-20 1.5 lb658J. R. Peters, Inc$9.95
Jacks Classic All Purpose 20-20-20, 10 lbs.Jacks Classic All Purpose 20-20-20, 10 lbs.jack10J. R. Peters, Inc$37.95
Jacks Classic Blossom Booster 1.5 LbJacks Classic Blossom Booster 1.5 Lb530J. R. Peters, Inc$10.95
Jacks Classic Blossum Booter 10-30-20, 10 Lbs.Jacks Classic Blossum Booter 10-30-20, 10 Lbs.JackbloomJ. R. Peters, Inc$37.95
Jiffy Pellet Bulk Pak, 1000 Jiffy pelletsJiffy Pellet Bulk Pak, 1000 Jiffy pellets621$119.95
Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets, 25 PakJiffy-7 Peat Pellets, 25 Pak$3.49
Jungle Juice Bloom, 4 LtJungle Juice Bloom, 4 Lt1578Advanced Nutrients$24.95
Jungle Juice Bloom, LtJungle Juice Bloom, Lt1577Advanced Nutrients$9.95
Jungle Juice Grow, 4 LtJungle Juice Grow, 4 Lt1580Advanced Nutrients$24.95
Jungle Juice Grow, LtJungle Juice Grow, Lt1579Advanced Nutrients$9.95
Jungle Juice Micro, 4 LtJungle Juice Micro, 4 Lt1582Advanced Nutrients$34.95
Jungle Juice Micro, LtJungle Juice Micro, Lt1581Advanced Nutrients$13.95
Kind Base, Gal.Kind Base, Gal.Botanicare$31.95
Kind Base, Qt.Kind Base, Qt.Botanicare$13.95
Kind Bloom, Gal.Kind Bloom, Gal.Botanicare$31.95
Kind Bloom, Qt.Kind Bloom, Qt.Botanicare$13.95
Kind Grow, Gal.Kind Grow, Gal.Botanicare$31.95
Kind Grow, Qt.Kind Grow, Qt.1957Botanicare$13.95
Kool Bloom Liquid. Gal.Kool Bloom Liquid. Gal.479General Hydroponics$59.95
Kool Bloom Liquid. Qt.Kool Bloom Liquid. Qt.189General Hydroponics$20.95
Kool Bloom, 4 ozKool Bloom, 4 oz80General Hydroponics$14.95
KoolBloom, 2.2 LbsKoolBloom, 2.2 Lbs613General Hydroponics$29.95
Laser Jet Line 6' - GH-Laser Jet Line 6' - GH-483General Hydroponics$10.95
Laser Jet Line, 4' for Aeroflo 18, or 36Laser Jet Line, 4' for Aeroflo 18, or 36486General Hydroponics$10.95
Light Rail 3' Extender RailLight Rail 3' Extender Rail317Gualala Robotics, Inc$15.95
Light Rail 3.5, 10 RPM Intelli Drive Motor, 6' RailLight Rail 3.5, 10 RPM Intelli Drive Motor, 6' Rail745Gualala Robotics, Inc$239.95
Light Rail 5, Light MoverLight Rail 5, Light Mover320Gualala Robotics, Inc$481.95
Light Rail Add-a-Lamp Kit for Light Rail 3.5, 6’Light Rail Add-a-Lamp Kit for Light Rail 3.5, 6’315Gualala Robotics, Inc$54.95
Light Rail Auxilliay TrolleyLight Rail Auxilliay Trolley721Gualala Robotics, Inc$19.95
Light Rail Robo-Stik Lamp StabilizerLight Rail Robo-Stik Lamp Stabilizer318Gualala Robotics, Inc$28.95
Lighted Microscope, 60-100xLighted Microscope, 60-100x494Sunlight Supply$19.95
Liquid Karma, 2.5 Gal.Liquid Karma, 2.5 Gal.Botanicare$149.95
Liquid Karma, Gal.Liquid Karma, Gal.Botanicare$67.95
Liquid Karma, QtLiquid Karma, Qt217Botanicare$26.95
Liquid Piranha, 250 MLLiquid Piranha, 250 ML1609Advanced Nutrients$29.95
Liquid Piranha, Lt.Liquid Piranha, Lt.1109Advanced Nutrients$99.95
Liquid Tarantula, 250 MLLiquid Tarantula, 250 ML1641Advanced Nutrients$29.95
Liquid Tarantula, Lt.Liquid Tarantula, Lt.832Advanced Nutrients$99.95
Loose Carbon, 16 LbsLoose Carbon, 16 Lbs142$64.95
Loose Carbon, 35 lbsLoose Carbon, 35 lbs143$159.95
Low Tide 3x3 Black Tray, botanicareLow Tide 3x3 Black Tray, botanicare1603Botanicare$54.95
Showroom Only
Low Tide 4x4 Tray, BotanicareLow Tide 4x4 Tray, BotanicareBotanicare$79.95
Showroom Only
Magic Green, 250 MLMagic Green, 250 MLHouse & Garden$32.95
Magic Green, LtMagic Green, Lt2338House & Garden$79.95
Magnum XXXL 6" Air-Cooled ReflectorMagnum XXXL 6" Air-Cooled Reflector27Sunlight Supply$224.95
Showroom Only
Magnum XXXL 8" Air-cooled ReflectorMagnum XXXL 8" Air-cooled Reflector998Sunlight Supply$249.95
Showroom Only
Marine Cuisine Plant Food, 4 lbs.Marine Cuisine Plant Food, 4 lbs.1056Fox Farm$14.95
Max-Duct Vinyl, 4" 25ftMax-Duct Vinyl, 4" 25ft2204CF Group$24.95
Max-Duct Vinyl, 8" 25ftMax-Duct Vinyl, 8" 25ftCF Group$49.95
Max-Fan PRO SERIES 6", 420 cfmMax-Fan PRO SERIES 6", 420 cfm2207CF Group$229.95
MaxiBloom, 2.2 lbs -  General HydroponicsMaxiBloom, 2.2 lbs - General Hydroponics1232General Hydroponics$14.95
Maxicrop Concentrate, 10.7 oz DryMaxicrop Concentrate, 10.7 oz Dry338$19.95
Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed, Lt.Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed, Lt.436Maxicrop$11.95
Maxicrop Seaweed, 4 LitersMaxicrop Seaweed, 4 Liters443Maxicrop$25.95
Maxicrop, 2.5 GalMaxicrop, 2.5 Gal448Maxicrop$49.95
MaxiGrow 2.2 lbs - General HydroponicsMaxiGrow 2.2 lbs - General Hydroponics1229General Hydroponics$14.95
Measure Master Graduated Cylinder 1000 ml / 35 ozMeasure Master Graduated Cylinder 1000 ml / 35 oz2605$19.95
Measure Master Graduated Cylinder 500 ml / 20 ozMeasure Master Graduated Cylinder 500 ml / 20 oz2604$13.95
Measure Master Graduated Measuring Bucket 5 GallonMeasure Master Graduated Measuring Bucket 5 Gallon$9.95
Measuring Shot GlassMeasuring Shot Glass808$3.49
MegaGarden - HydrofarmMegaGarden - HydrofarmMEG200HydroFarm$159.95
Mendocino Honey, galMendocino Honey, gal$29.95
Microbe Life Dechlorinator+ , QtMicrobe Life Dechlorinator+ , Qt1233$12.95
Microbial Munch 250 MLMicrobial Munch 250 ML2662Advanced Nutrients$8.95
Microbial Munch Lt.Microbial Munch Lt.2661Advanced Nutrients$29.95
Micropore Bag 5 gal, 5 KitMicropore Bag 5 gal, 5 Kit$51.95
Mighty Wash GRAVITY SprayerMighty Wash GRAVITY Sprayer$15.95
Mighty Wash, GalMighty Wash, Gal$39.95
Mighty Wash, QtMighty Wash, Qt$15.95
Mills Basis A, 10 LtMills Basis A, 10 Lt$89.95
Mills Basis A, 5 LtMills Basis A, 5 Lt$49.95
Mills Basis A, Lt.Mills Basis A, Lt.$19.95
Mills Basis B, 10 LtMills Basis B, 10 Lt$89.95
Mills Basis B, 5 Lt.Mills Basis B, 5 Lt.$49.95
Mills Basis B, Lt.Mills Basis B, Lt.$19.95
Mills C4, 5 LtMills C4, 5 Lt$349.95
Mills C4, Lt.Mills C4, Lt.$89.95
Mills Start-R, Lt.Mills Start-R, Lt.$74.95
Mills Starter-R, 5 LtMills Starter-R, 5 Lt$299.95
Mills Ultimate PK, 5 LtMills Ultimate PK, 5 Lt$299.95
Mills Ultimate PK, LtMills Ultimate PK, Lt$74.95
Mills Vitalize, 500 MLMills Vitalize, 500 ML625$199.95
MOAB. Mother of all BloomsMOAB. Mother of all Blooms$15.95
Mondi 7" Mini Greenhouse DomeMondi 7" Mini Greenhouse DomeHydroFarm$5.95
Monster Bloom , 500 gramsMonster Bloom , 500 grams533$39.95
Monster Bloom, 130 gramsMonster Bloom, 130 grams532$12.95
Mother Earth Meal Mix™ Bloom 2 - 6 - 4  4.4 LbsMother Earth Meal Mix™ Bloom 2 - 6 - 4 4.4 Lbs2702$15.95
Mother Earth Meal Mix™ Grow 5 - 2 - 2 4.4 LbsMother Earth Meal Mix™ Grow 5 - 2 - 2 4.4 Lbs2701$15.95
Mother Earth Perlite #4, 4 CFMother Earth Perlite #4, 4 CF$39.95
Showroom Only
Mother Earth Sugar Load Heavy Brix Molasses QuartMother Earth Sugar Load Heavy Brix Molasses Quart2474$8.95
Mother Earth® Sugar Load™ Heavy Brix Molasses, GalMother Earth® Sugar Load™ Heavy Brix Molasses, Gal$14.95
Multi Zen, 250 MLMulti Zen, 250 MLHouse & Garden$17.95
Multi Zen, 5 LtMulti Zen, 5 Lt1201House & Garden$169.95
Multi Zen, LtMulti Zen, LtHouse & Garden$45.95
Mylar 2 mill, 10 Ft.Mylar 2 mill, 10 Ft.SunLeaves$13.95
Mylar 2 mill, 50 FtMylar 2 mill, 50 FtSunLeaves$43.95
Mylar, 1-mm x 10 ft.Mylar, 1-mm x 10 ft.SMY100SunLeaves$7.95
Nature's Nectar  Nitrogen, Qt.Nature's Nectar Nitrogen, Qt.871$17.95
Nature's Nectar Phosphorus, QtNature's Nectar Phosphorus, Qt1180$17.95
Nature's Nectar Potassium, Qt.Nature's Nectar Potassium, Qt.1181$12.95
Nectar for the Gods Aphrodite's Extraction, qtNectar for the Gods Aphrodite's Extraction, qt1384$19.95
Nectar for the Gods Athenas Aminas, qtNectar for the Gods Athenas Aminas, qt421$14.95
Nectar For The Gods Bloom Khaos, Qt.Nectar For The Gods Bloom Khaos, Qt.$39.95
Nectar for the Gods Demeter's Destiny, qtNectar for the Gods Demeter's Destiny, qt1245$18.95
Nectar For The Gods Gaia Mania QuartNectar For The Gods Gaia Mania Quart$16.95
Nectar For The Gods Herculean Harvest, GalNectar For The Gods Herculean Harvest, Gal2376$35.95
Nectar For The Gods Herculean Harvest, Qt.Nectar For The Gods Herculean Harvest, Qt.2366$11.95
Nectar For The Gods Medusa's Magic, Qt.Nectar For The Gods Medusa's Magic, Qt.$14.95
Nectar For The Gods Mega Morpheus, QtNectar For The Gods Mega Morpheus, Qt$14.95
Nectar for the Gods Olympus Up, qtNectar for the Gods Olympus Up, qt1249$13.95
Nectar for the Gods Triton's Trawl, qtNectar for the Gods Triton's Trawl, qt460$11.95
Nectar For The Gods Zeus Juice QuartNectar For The Gods Zeus Juice Quart$19.95
NextLight LEDNextLight LED1798$1,394.95
Nirvana, 250 MLNirvana, 250 ML1498Advanced Nutrients$9.95
Nirvana, 4LtNirvana, 4Lt953Advanced Nutrients$87.95
Nirvana, Lt.Nirvana, Lt.144Advanced Nutrients$24.95
Nitrogen Boost, 250 MLNitrogen Boost, 250 MLHouse & Garden$14.95
Nitrogen Boost, LtNitrogen Boost, LtHouse & Garden$44.95
Non Insulated Air Duct Kit, 12"Non Insulated Air Duct Kit, 12"12" duct$39.95
Non Insulated Air Duct Kit, 4"Non Insulated Air Duct Kit, 4"4"duct$14.95
Non Insulated Air Duct Kit, 8"Non Insulated Air Duct Kit, 8"8"ductSunlight Supply$19.95
Non insulated duct kit, 6"Non insulated duct kit, 6"156HydroFarm$19.95
Nuke Em QuartNuke Em Quart$56.95
Nursery Pot, 1 Gal, stack of 5Nursery Pot, 1 Gal, stack of 5402$3.25
Nursery Pot, 3 Gallon, Stack of 5Nursery Pot, 3 Gallon, Stack of 5404$6.75
Nursery Pots, 2 Gal, Stack of 5Nursery Pots, 2 Gal, Stack of 5403$5.00
Nursery Pots, 5 gal, Stack of 5Nursery Pots, 5 gal, Stack of 5405$10.00
Olivia’s Cloning Gel, 2 oz.Olivia’s Cloning Gel, 2 oz.OGELOlivia's Solutions$13.95
Olivia’s Cloning Solution, qt.Olivia’s Cloning Solution, qt.OC300Olivia's Solutions$12.95
Olympus Up QuartOlympus Up Quart$13.95
ONA Apple Crumble ONA Mist, 6 ozONA Apple Crumble ONA Mist, 6 oz459$11.95
ONA BreezeONA Breeze1049ONA$69.95
Ona Gel - Apple Crumble, GalOna Gel - Apple Crumble, Gal1179$39.95
Ona Gel - Apple Crumble, Lt.Ona Gel - Apple Crumble, Lt.ONA APPLEONA$19.95
ONA Odor Fresh Linen Liquid Concentrate GalONA Odor Fresh Linen Liquid Concentrate Gal1176ONA$34.95
ONA Pro Gel, 4 LtONA Pro Gel, 4 Lt981ONA$39.95
ONA Pro Gel, 5 GalONA Pro Gel, 5 GalPRO5ONA$169.95
Showroom Only
Open Sesame, 1 lbOpen Sesame, 1 lb619Fox Farm$32.95
Open Sesame, 2 LbsOpen Sesame, 2 Lbs1074Fox Farm$54.95
Open Sesame, 6 ozOpen Sesame, 6 oz2138$14.95
Orca Grow Film Seam Tape,3" x 75'Orca Grow Film Seam Tape,3" x 75'$27.95
Orca Grow Film, 54"x25'Orca Grow Film, 54"x25'$61.95
Organic Nutrients™ Insect Frass™ 2 - 2 - 2 , 5 LBSOrganic Nutrients™ Insect Frass™ 2 - 2 - 2 , 5 LBS2486$57.95
Organocide Concentrate, Qt.Organocide Concentrate, Qt.493$14.95
Overdrive, 250 MLOverdrive, 250 ML381Advanced Nutrients$14.95
Overdrive, 4 LtOverdrive, 4 Lt664Advanced Nutrients$99.95
Overdrive, LtOverdrive, Lt663Advanced Nutrients$39.95
Oxy Stone, 4"Oxy Stone, 4"1168SunLeaves$2.95
OxyClone 20 Site SystemOxyClone 20 Site System79$64.95
OxyStone, 2"OxyStone, 2"1234SunLeaves$1.95
Perlite, 20 Qt.Perlite, 20 Qt.1389$9.95
pH 7.0 Calibration Solution, 8 oz.pH 7.0 Calibration Solution, 8 oz.478General Hydroponics$7.95
pH Control Kit,pH Control Kit,General Hydroponics$15.95
PH Osmosis Stabilizer, LtPH Osmosis Stabilizer, Lt1423House & Garden$19.95
pH Perfect Bloom 4LtpH Perfect Bloom 4Lt1763Advanced Nutrients$34.95
pH Perfect Bloom, LtpH Perfect Bloom, Lt1762Advanced Nutrients$14.95
pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A/B 4 LtspH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A/B 4 LtspH Perfect Connoisseur A/B 4 LtsAdvanced Nutrients$149.90
pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A/B LtspH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A/B LtspH Perfect Connoisseur A/B LtsAdvanced Nutrients$59.90
pH Perfect Grow, 4 LtpH Perfect Grow, 4 LtpH Perfect Grow, 4 LtAdvanced Nutrients$34.95
pH Perfect Grow, LtpH Perfect Grow, LtpH Perfect Grow, LtAdvanced Nutrients$14.95
pH Perfect Micro, 4 Lt.pH Perfect Micro, 4 Lt.1771$49.95
ph Perfect Micro, Perfect Micro, Lt.1770Advanced Nutrients$18.95
pH Perfect SensiBloom A/B 4 Lts.pH Perfect SensiBloom A/B 4 Lts.pH Perfect SensiBloom A/B 4 Lts.Advanced Nutrients$89.90
pH Perfect SensiBloom A/B Lts.pH Perfect SensiBloom A/B Lts.SensiBloom A/B Lts.Advanced Nutrients$29.90
pH Perfect SensiGro A/B 4 Lts.pH Perfect SensiGro A/B 4 Lts.pH Perfect SensiGro A/B 4 Lts.Advanced Nutrients$89.90
pH Perfect SensiGro A/B Lts.pH Perfect SensiGro A/B Lts.pH Perfect SensiGro A/B Lts.Advanced Nutrients$29.90
Philips Green Power Master Color CDM Lamp 315 Watt Elite Agro 3100K (Full Spectrum)Philips Green Power Master Color CDM Lamp 315 Watt Elite Agro 3100K (Full Spectrum)1799$109.95
Phresh Duct Silencer 4" x 12"Phresh Duct Silencer 4" x 12"4ph$59.95
Phresh Duct Silencer, 12" x36"Phresh Duct Silencer, 12" x36"544$207.95
Phresh Filter 12in x 39in 1700CFMPhresh Filter 12in x 39in 1700CFM816Sunlight Supply$359.95
Showroom Only
PHRESH FILTER 4" x 12" 200 CFMPHRESH FILTER 4" x 12" 200 CFM1044Sunlight Supply$99.95
Phresh Filter 6in x 24in 550CFMPhresh Filter 6in x 24in 550CFM1361Sunlight Supply$194.95
Phresh Filter 8in x 24in 750CFMPhresh Filter 8in x 24in 750CFM1397Sunlight Supply$199.95
Phresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 12in x 39inPhresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 12in x 39in1738Sunlight Supply$19.95
Phresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 4in x 12inPhresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 4in x 12in1617Sunlight Supply$5.95
Phresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 6in x 24inPhresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 6in x 24in1627Sunlight Supply$11.95
Phresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 8in x 24inPhresh Filter Replacement Pre-Filter 8in x 24in1622$15.95
Phresh Inline Filter 6inPhresh Inline Filter 6in296Sunlight Supply$229.95
Phresh Inline Filter 8inPhresh Inline Filter 8in299$297.95
Phresh Silencer 6" x 18"Phresh Silencer 6" x 18"ph6$89.95
Phresh Silencer 8" x 24"Phresh Silencer 8" x 24"ph8$104.95
Plant Max 1000 watt HPS - MH Conversion LampPlant Max 1000 watt HPS - MH Conversion Lamp1070$40.00
Plant Max 360 Watt MH-HPS Conversion LampPlant Max 360 Watt MH-HPS Conversion Lamp$40.00
Plant Success Granular, 5 LbsPlant Success Granular, 5 Lbs611Plant Success$88.95
Plant Success Granular, lb.Plant Success Granular, lb.551Plant Success$19.95
Plant Success Great White Granular 1, 2.2 LbsPlant Success Great White Granular 1, 2.2 Lbs2568Plant Success$29.95
Plant Success Great White, 1ozPlant Success Great White, 1oz1722Plant Success$13.95
Plant Success Great White, 4 OzPlant Success Great White, 4 OzGWSPlant Success$34.95
Plant Success Great White, 8 ozPlant Success Great White, 8 ozPlant Success$64.95
Plant Success Orca, Pt.Plant Success Orca, Pt.1513Plant Success$39.95
Plant Success Orca, QtPlant Success Orca, QtPlant Success$66.95
Plant Success Tabs, 40 pakPlant Success Tabs, 40 pak452Plant Success$7.95
Plant Twist Tie SpoolPlant Twist Tie Spool1650SunLeaves$2.95
PlantMax 400 Watt HPS-MH Conversion BulbPlantMax 400 Watt HPS-MH Conversion Bulb833$25.00
PlantMax 600 Watt HPS LampPlantMax 600 Watt HPS LampPlantmax$50.00
Plug AdaptorPlug Adaptor377HydroFarm$9.95
Power Clone Rooting Solution, 8 ozPower Clone Rooting Solution, 8 oz135Botanicare$32.95
Power Clone Rooting Solution, Qt.Power Clone Rooting Solution, Qt.863Botanicare$76.95
ProMix BX, BaleProMix BX, Bale$35.95
Showroom Only
Propagation Tray 1020 Quad ThickPropagation Tray 1020 Quad Thick$4.00
Pure Blend Pro Bloom, 2.5 Gal.Pure Blend Pro Bloom, 2.5 Gal.Botanicare$109.95
Pure Blend Pro Bloom, Gal.Pure Blend Pro Bloom, Gal.Botanicare$46.95
Pure Blend Pro Bloom, QuartPure Blend Pro Bloom, Quart223Botanicare$19.95
Pure Blend Pro Grow, 2.5 Gal.Pure Blend Pro Grow, 2.5 Gal.Botanicare$109.95
Pure Blend Pro Grow, Gal.Pure Blend Pro Grow, Gal.221Botanicare$46.95
Pure Blend Pro Grow, Qt.Pure Blend Pro Grow, Qt.220Botanicare$19.95
Pure Blend Pro Soil, 2.5 Gal.Pure Blend Pro Soil, 2.5 Gal.232Botanicare$109.95
Pure Blend Pro Soil, Gal.Pure Blend Pro Soil, Gal.231Botanicare$49.95
Pure Blend Pro Soil, Qt.Pure Blend Pro Soil, Qt.230Botanicare$19.95
Pure Blend Tea, GalPure Blend Tea, Gal689Botanicare$29.95
Pure Blend Tea, Qt.Pure Blend Tea, Qt.Botanicare$10.95
Pure Neem OilPure Neem OilPNO700Dyna-Gro$13.95
Quantum 1000w Dimmable BallastQuantum 1000w Dimmable Ballast1869$189.95
Quantum 600w Dimmable BallastQuantum 600w Dimmable Ballast$164.95
Rainmaker® 360 Spray BottleRainmaker® 360 Spray Bottle2291$4.95
Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs, 50 pakRapid Rooter Replacement Plugs, 50 pak1174General Hydroponics$16.95
Rapid Rooter Tray with 50 PlugsRapid Rooter Tray with 50 PlugsrrtGeneral Hydroponics$18.95
Rapid Start 1 ozRapid Start 1 oz2487General Hydroponics$6.50
Rapid Start 125 MLRapid Start 125 ML226General Hydroponics$25.95
Rapid Start Root Enhancer 275mlRapid Start Root Enhancer 275ml558General Hydroponics$39.95
Rapid Start, Lt.Rapid Start, Lt.General Hydroponics$139.95
Rapid Start, PT.Rapid Start, PT.1951General Hydroponics$74.95
Receptacle Adapter Brand SReceptacle Adapter Brand S376HydroFarm$9.95
Revive, 250 MLRevive, 250 ML2498Advanced Nutrients$11.95
Revive, 4 Lt.Revive, 4 Lt.1583Advanced Nutrients$124.95
Revive, LtRevive, Lt106Advanced Nutrients$38.95
Rhino Skin, 250 mlRhino Skin, 250 ml1512Advanced Nutrients$10.95
Rhino Skin, 4 Lt.Rhino Skin, 4 Lt.1640Advanced Nutrients$114.95
Rhino Skin, LtRhino Skin, Lt954Advanced Nutrients$36.95
Rhizo Blast, 275 MLRhizo Blast, 275 ML2295Botanicare$33.95
Rhizo Force, 8.8 LbsRhizo Force, 8.8 Lbs1454House & Garden$54.95
Rhizo Gel 100 mlRhizo Gel 100 mlBotanicare$19.95
Rhizo Gel 275 mlRhizo Gel 275 mlBotanicare$28.95
Rock Fusion Bloom Base, LtRock Fusion Bloom Base, Lt697$29.95
Rock Fusion Grow Base Nutrient, 1 LRock Fusion Grow Base Nutrient, 1 L1742$29.95
Rock Resinator Heavy Yield, LtRock Resinator Heavy Yield, Lt$69.95
Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic, LtRock SuperCharge Root Tonic, Lt$48.95
Root Excelurator Gold, 100 MLRoot Excelurator Gold, 100 MLHouse & Garden$36.95
Root Excelurator Silver, 250 MLRoot Excelurator Silver, 250 ML$79.95
Root Excelurator Silver, 500 MLRoot Excelurator Silver, 500 ML$135.95
Root Riot Bags 50ctRoot Riot Bags 50ct1983Hydrodynamics International$18.95
Root Tech Cloning Gel, 0.25 ozRoot Tech Cloning Gel, 0.25 oz.25rtTechnaFlora$3.95
Root tech Gel, 2 ozRoot tech Gel, 2 oz131TechnaFlora$19.95
Roots Excelurator Gold, 250 mlRoots Excelurator Gold, 250 ml1676House & Garden$79.95
Roots Excelurator Silver, LtRoots Excelurator Silver, Lt609House & Garden$269.95
Roots Organics Ancient Amber, Qt.Roots Organics Ancient Amber, Qt.828$15.95
Roots Organics Buddha Bloom, Qt.Roots Organics Buddha Bloom, Qt.777$15.95
Roots Organics Buddha Grow, galRoots Organics Buddha Grow, gal2257$49.95
Roots Organics Buddha Grow, Qt.Roots Organics Buddha Grow, Qt.833$15.95
Roots Organics Extreme Serene, galRoots Organics Extreme Serene, gal2258$69.95
Roots Organics HP2, galRoots Organics HP2, gal2259$34.95
Roots Organics HPK, galRoots Organics HPK, gal2260$39.95
Roots Organics HPK, Qt.Roots Organics HPK, Qt.389$14.95
Roots Organics Nitrogen Bat Guano, 3 LbsRoots Organics Nitrogen Bat Guano, 3 Lbs1552$14.95
Roots Organics Oregonism XL 4 ozRoots Organics Oregonism XL 4 oz1713$19.95
Roots Organics Player PackRoots Organics Player Pack$44.95
Roots Organics Potting Soil, 1.5 cfRoots Organics Potting Soil, 1.5 cf1267$19.95
Showroom Only
Roots Organics Surge, galRoots Organics Surge, gal2262$34.95
Roots Organics Surge, Qt.Roots Organics Surge, Qt.2261$14.95
Roots Organics Uprising Bloom 3lbRoots Organics Uprising Bloom 3lb2042$12.95
Roots Organics Uprising Foundation 3lbRoots Organics Uprising Foundation 3lb2043$17.95
Roots Organics Uprising Grow 3lbRoots Organics Uprising Grow 3lb2041$19.95
Roots Organics,Trinity QtRoots Organics,Trinity Qt322$24.95
Safer Soap, Insect Killing Soap Concentrate, PtSafer Soap, Insect Killing Soap Concentrate, Pt$11.95
Scissor FixScissor Fix98$17.95
Seedling Heat Mat, 10” x 20”Seedling Heat Mat, 10” x 20”SHM300HydroFarm$24.95
Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, 250 MLSensi Cal-Mag Xtra, 250 MLAdvanced Nutrients$7.95
Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, 4 LtSensi Cal-Mag Xtra, 4 Lt2321Advanced Nutrients$62.95
Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, Lt.Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra, Lt.Advanced Nutrients$19.95
Sensizym, 10 LtSensizym, 10 Lt715Advanced Nutrients$197.95
Sensizym, 250 mlSensizym, 250 ml1403Advanced Nutrients$13.95
Sensizym, 4LtSensizym, 4Lt116Advanced Nutrients$124.95
Sensizyme, LtSensizyme, Lt115Advanced Nutrients$38.95
Serenade Concentrate, Qt.Serenade Concentrate, Qt.1006$17.95
Serenade RTU, QT.Serenade RTU, QT.380Serenade Garden$12.95
Shear Perfection Titanium Curved Trimming ShearShear Perfection Titanium Curved Trimming Shear943$7.95
Shear Perfection Titanium Cutting Shear 1.5"Shear Perfection Titanium Cutting Shear 1.5"1277$5.95
Shear Perfection Titanium Straight Trimming Shear - 2"Shear Perfection Titanium Straight Trimming Shear - 2"1330$7.95
Shear Perfection Titanium Straight Trimming Shear - 3"Shear Perfection Titanium Straight Trimming Shear - 3"457$8.95
Short DomeShort Dome$2.95
Silica Blast, GalSilica Blast, Gal235Botanicare$39.95
Silica Blast, QtSilica Blast, Qt234Botanicare$12.95
Single Outlet Timer, 15 ampSingle Outlet Timer, 15 amp758$12.95
Small Boy DeChlorinatorSmall Boy DeChlorinator1182$99.95
Small Boy Sediment Filter ReplacementSmall Boy Sediment Filter Replacement1445Sunlight Supply$11.95
SMART POT, 1 GALSMART POT, 1 GAL899High Caliper Growing$3.49
SMART POT, 2 GALSMART POT, 2 GAL3.95High Caliper Growing$3.95
SMART POT, 3 GALSMART POT, 3 GAL900High Caliper Growing$4.95
Snapture Stand 4'x4'Snapture Stand 4'x4'General Hydroponics$89.95
socket adapter for Philips 315W CMHsocket adapter for Philips 315W CMH$19.95
Soft Tie, 26.25" x 0.13"Soft Tie, 26.25" x 0.13"1443SunLeaves$2.95
Soil Moist, lbSoil Moist, lb453$12.95
SolarFlare 110W LED Spectral Blend BloomBoosterSolarFlare 110W LED Spectral Blend BloomBooster$329.95
Solartech Magnum,  AKA Big ReflectorSolartech Magnum, AKA Big ReflectorSunlight Supply$83.95
SOS Beneficial Bacteria, Qt.SOS Beneficial Bacteria, Qt.$22.95
Spray-N-Grow, 8 oz.Spray-N-Grow, 8 oz.sng$12.95
SS Socket Assembly with 15' CordSS Socket Assembly with 15' CordSunlight Supply$31.95
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 4"Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 4"HydroFarm$1.95
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 6"Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 6"HydroFarm$2.95
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 8"Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 8"HydroFarm$5.95
Standard Black Tray 10"x20"Standard Black Tray 10"x20"165$1.00
Standard White Tray, 10x20Standard White Tray, 10x20$1.25
Stealth Pressure Booster PumpStealth Pressure Booster Pump1710$189.95
Stealth Reverse Osmosis, 100 GPDStealth Reverse Osmosis, 100 GPD1592$224.95
Stealth Reverse Osmosis, 200 GPDStealth Reverse Osmosis, 200 GPD1711$309.95
Sticky Bye-Bye Sweet Orange Salt Free, 8 OzSticky Bye-Bye Sweet Orange Salt Free, 8 Oz800$19.95
Sticky Bye-Bye, 8 ozSticky Bye-Bye, 8 oz$10.95
Sun Blaze 22, 2 ft 2 lamp T5 Grow LightSun Blaze 22, 2 ft 2 lamp T5 Grow Light47Sunlight Supply$87.95
Sun Blaze T5 24Sun Blaze T5 24sb24Sunlight Supply$121.95
Sun Blaze T5 28Sun Blaze T5 28sb28Sunlight Supply$199.95
Sun Blaze T5 42Sun Blaze T5 42sb42Sunlight Supply$114.95
Showroom Only
Sun Blaze T5 44Sun Blaze T5 44sb44Sunlight Supply$159.95
Showroom Only
Sun Blaze T5 48Sun Blaze T5 48sb48Sunlight Supply$259.95
Showroom Only